Established in 2006, and Based in South Bend, Indiana Project Impact South Bend provides training, counseling and education services to assist women and men of scars and ex-offenders, transition from incarceration to free-society. Through its services, the organization seeks to improve its clients’ abilities to obtain meaningful employment on the premise that developing stable patterns of employment in the lives of women and men of scars and ex-offenders is an inexpensive and effective method of reducing criminal recidivism. Standard service transactions at Project Impact South Bend include job-preparation, job-placement, and job-retention assistance and address the most prominent barriers to employment for its target population such as relationship building, attitude, substance abuse and illiteracy.

Project Impact South Bend is committed to developing meaningful employment opportunities for women and men of scars. It is our aim to organize, train and facilitate transformational differences in the lives of individuals, families, organizations and inner-city neighborhoods. We are not content with minimal success, with just a few people in the inner-city poor neighborhoods doing well while most remain unfulfilled, unproductive and unrewarded. Project Impact South Bend intent is to facilitate substantive improvement in the lives of the majority of the people in certain inner-city neighborhoods. We are seeking now to substantially enhance the development of economic alternatives for the high risk individuals on the streets. We have an offering, which creates opportunities for skills-building, income generation, wealth creation and community-building in debilitated communities.


When you donate to Project Impact South Bend, Inc, you help ensure that the programs that benefit our entire community continue.  Your contribution will help provide anti-violence, life skills, job readiness training in our community.  Our programs cannot succeed without your support.  Click the Donate Button to the left. 





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